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Sign up now to attend Summit Performance Indianapolis' season auditions!

Submit your design or stage management resume today!

  • AEA (Actors Equity Association) and non-AEA actors

  • Female-identifying and male-identifying roles in November staged reading and March full production*.

  • Auditioners will also be considered for a spring one-act and a summer, outdoor staged reading, details TBD.

  • *Note: March production will likely be a team of fully-vaccinated cast and crew, per Summit's agreement with AEA

  • Designers and Stage Managers may submit their resume to

Dates & Location:
  • October 2-3 - Marian University Library

    • ​Sunday, Oct 2nd: 1-5 (AEA only)

    • Sunday, Oct 2nd: 5-8 (non-AEA only)

    • Monday, Oct 3rd: 3-7 (AEA only)

    • Monday, Oct 3rd: 7-10 (non-AEA only)

  • Please wear a mask to attend auditions. All company members will be masked. Please remove your mask only for your designated audition time.

  • AEA auditioners, please bring your AEA card as well as one of the following:

    • Proof of vaccination against COVID-19

    • Results of a negative PCR test within the last 48 hours

    • Results of two negative antigen tests within the last 24 hours​

  • Please prepare two contrasting, contemporary monologues. The combined length should not exceed two minutes. 

  • See below for character breakdowns and detailed dates

TO REQUEST AN AUDITION SLOT: Email, please include:

  • Preferred audition day/time

  • Headshot

  • Resume

2022-23 Season Auditions

Season Breakdown

‘Thirst’ by C. A. Johnson

Staged Reading

Nov 4-5, 2022 - Phoenix Theatre Cultural Centre

Director: TBD

Rehearsals: November 1 - 4, 2022

Compensation: AEA SPT 2; Non-AEA weekly stipend;

Duration: 1-week contract

'Thirst' Synopsis: Samira and Greta lead a peaceful life. They have their own clearing in the woods, their own hut, and their son Kalil to keep them laughing.  When Kalil returns home one day without their water rations, however, Samira and Greta find themselves in conflict with their local political leader. Set in a tense segregated society, Thirst is a complex look at race and love in war-time.


‘The Convent’ by Jessica Dickey

Full Production

Feb - Apr 2023 - Phoenix Theatre Cultural Centre

Director: Lauren Briggeman

AEA and Non-AEA contracts available

1st Rehearsal: February 21, 2023

Production Dates: March 24 - April 9, (possible extension through April 16)

Compensation: AEA SPT 2; Non-AEA weekly stipend

Duration: 7-week contract

'The Convent' Synopsis: At an old convent in southern France, a new group of women arrive, ready to live like mystic nuns in the Middle Ages. Though no one finds what they expect on this spiritual retreat, each finds something they may have always needed. Brilliant, sexy, hilarious, and provocative, The Convent by Jessica Dickey strikes a resonant chord of desire, devotion, and the mystery of intrinsic divinity.


TBD - Original One-Act

May/June 2023

Compensation: AEA SPT 2; Non-AEA weekly stipend


TBD - Outdoor Staged Reading

August 2023 - Marian University

Compensation: AEA SPT 2; Non-AEA weekly stipend

Duration: 1-week contract

Character Descriptions

‘Thirst’ character breakdowns (Nov 2022)

SAMIRA: A Black woman in her late 30s 

She has an easy grace, but a stern bearing.


GRETA: A White woman in her late 30s

Samira's current partner. She grew up solidly middle class, but knows a thing or two about struggling.


KALIL: A Black boy between 9 and 11 years old

Samira and Greta's found son. He's curious and he never forgets a good story.


TERRANCE: A Black man in his mid 30s

The local militia leader. A loner nursing a broken heart and a mighty rage.


BANKHEAD: A Black man in his late 30s

Terrance's older brother. Smart, likely a high-functioning alcoholic, a real compliment to Terrance.


COOLIE: A Black man in his early 30s

Former military and the head of Terrance's "boys". Hot-headed but observant.

‘The Convent’ character breakdowns (Mar 2023)

JILL: Female-identifying, early-mid 30s, any race/ethnicity

Open, naïve, in crisis in her marriage. Smart, but has trouble with consequences. A sudden, intense sexual attraction to Patti. In the midst of a massive cracking open of her life and her self. On the verge of major change and deeply conflicted.


MOTHER ABBESS: Female-identifying, late 50s, any race/ethnicity
Wise, truth-telling, powerful and can definitely cut a bitch, runs the convent as her spiritual platform to raise women’s sense of intrinsic divinity. Has her own darkness to carry.


PATTI: Female-identifying, 30, any race/ethnicity

Sexy, dark, damaged, charismatic, truth-telling, manipulative, but also searching for the light and meaning. Deserves to be saved. A propensity for cutting. And Mother Abbess’ daughter.


WILMA: Female-identifying, 60, any race/ethnicity

A nun. Frank, earthy, very self-possessed. Not what you’d expect. Very present, authentic. A juxtaposition to all the neurosis and drama around her. Possesses the wisdom that comes from a lot of time alone and silence. Came to the convent because she has lost God.


DIMLIN: Female-identifying, late 40s - early 50s, any race/ethnicity

From a wealthy British family, but in a way that it makes her orphaned, lives off her trust fund. Deeply codependent with Bertie, in love with her but has no concept that women can be together. Or cannot bear the idea of how that might affect her life. Appears perhaps stuffy, even nosey and prudish, but really is just sheltered.


BERTIE: Female-identifying, 30s, any race/ethnicity

Younger than Dimlin, sillier, more flirtatious, truly an innocent. Raised in a compound. Has nothing of her own. Throughout the play uncovers her own longing to know love, to know sex, to know more of the world.


TINA: Female-identifying, 20s, any race/ethnicity

Raised in southern California, lost, stoner, psoriasis. Slightly immature, has come to the Convent out of a fetish for Renaissance Fairs. A deep longing for her dead mother and to find her place in the world.

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